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In the history of world pop music, the figure of Elvis Presley (1935-1977) is one of the most striking. This singer has become one of the most commercially successful in history. His name still makes money, although the performer himself has long been dead. Elvis Presley was dubbed the king of rock and roll, authoritative publications place him in the first places of the greatest performers of all times and peoples.

In total, more than a billion albums of the artist have been sold in the world. The actor and musician died at the age of 42, in his prime. They are the basis of numerous myths.

Many fans are simply not ready to perceive their idol as a living person, with all his shortcomings. Is a person of such magnitude unworthy of the truth?

Elvis made his first notes as a birthday present for his mother. The first recordings of the performer are dated July 1953, while his mother's birthday is April 25. And the musician himself admitted in one of his interviews that he is the author of this beautiful myth. The studio was famous for offering its services to everyone. Elvis, a truck driver, paid $ 4 to record a couple of songs. The owner of the studio was not even there, he showed up there a week later. But, hearing the voice of the young singer, he invited him back.

Elvis sang songs written by him. In fact, the singer never wrote songs, professionals did it for him. They worked in exactly the same way for other show business workers, so you shouldn't consider Elvis' compositions as something unique. It's just that he himself sometimes changed the order of words in the songs, which allowed his name to appear as a co-author of the composition.

After his very first singles, Elvis became a world celebrity. The first professional recordings made at Sun Records date back to 1954-1955. However, those songs entered the US country chart, not even the top. And the breakthrough came in January 1956. Then Elvis began to collaborate with the major label RCA, where the first real leader of the charts appeared - "Heartbreak Hotel".

Elvis is the king of rock and roll. It seems strange, but this statement is incorrect. Classic rock 'n' roll is a black rhythm and blues, but there were not many of them in the performer's repertoire. But he sang a lot of ballads, country, simple songs, put on pop numbers and sang about religion. Yes, and Elvis himself did not like being called "king."

Elvis put a steel pipe in his pants, so the television did not show him below the waist. Part of Presley's look is his signature hip wagging. This shocked the elderly, but it made young girls ecstatic. Television would be glad not to show such an ambiguous artist, but he recorded five hits annually. So I had to show Elvis only up to the waist in order to maintain decency. And the myth about the pipe in the pants seems ridiculous.

Elvis was a loving man who did not miss a single skirt. What is a musical idol without a crowd of fans ready to surrender to him? So Presley had more than enough girlfriends for the night. But he had only one true love in his life. And this is not at all about his wife Priscilla, but about his mother Gladys. Everyone who knew the singer closely claimed that it was she who was his only love. Gifts to the mother have become a real fetish among fans, remember at least a pink Cadillac. After her death, Elvis was beside himself, sobbing violently.

Elvis was a drug addict. It is believed that it was drugs that killed the singer. In fact, in the classical sense, Presley was not a drug addict. He did not use heroin or cocaine, and even was an FBI drug enforcement officer. Health problems accumulated over time and Presley became addicted to drugs. He himself did not at all consider them drugs, because he took them on the prescriptions of the attending doctors. It is known that the singer suffered from stomach ulcers, glaucoma and other diseases. To resist them and continue to be active, he was forced to take horse doses of drugs.

By the end of his life, Elvis had grown very fat. In 1977, Elvis weighed about 90 kilograms, but for a person with his height of 185 centimeters, this was quite normal.

Elvis was a bad actor. Film critics have different opinions on this matter. But from subjective perception, why not move on to facts? In total, the actor appeared on screens in 31 films. In 1956, Love Me Tender was released, which grossed $ 9 million. In 1961, Blue Hawaii grossed 10.5 million, and in 1964 Viva Las Vegas grossed 9.5 million. It is known that the average income of paintings with Presley's participation was $ 4 million. This is a good indicator, because tapes with the participation of Marilyn Monroe, the main sex symbol of Hollywood, then collected an average of 7 million. And Presley starred mainly in musical entertainment films, their soundtracks were popular. Only 11 soundtracks from films entered the American TOP-10, and 4 even topped the charts. In 1960, G.I. Blues topped the Billboard Top 100 for 10 weeks, staying on the list for 111 weeks. Blue Hawaii's performance is also impressive - 20 and 79 weeks, respectively.

Elvis was an employee of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It's no secret that the musician would like to play such a role. The desire to join the public service was so great that Elvis even wrote a long letter to President Richard Nixon. The singer listed all his merits, believing that he has the right to the role of an agent. There is even an opinion that Presley really was made a secret service officer and helped him "disappear" in 1977. In any case, the singer received the agency's badge of honor. Officially, he could not act with his help, but he could hope to get official status someday.

Elvis Presley had a twin. It is a mistake to think that the singer has been replaced by his twin brother in life. Elvis did have one, but Jesse Garon was born dead. The musician felt that he lacked this brother.

Oprah Winfrey is Presley's cousin. It's no surprise that people connect such influential people with each other. But are they really only relatives? Their common genealogy can be traced only to the state of Mississippi. Oprah's ancestors are believed to have been slaves who belonged to Presley's ancestors. But it is well known what close "ties" the slave owners could have with their servants. So the relationship is quite possible, but how close - the researchers do not undertake to answer. But it is known that Presley is a very distant relative of US presidents Lincoln and Carter.

Elvis Presley is alive. This myth about the singer is the most popular. It's hard to believe that such a flamboyant celebrity could suddenly die. The fans were in a state of shock. And many immediately rushed to look for evidence that Presley faked his death. Some believe there was a wax figure in the coffin, and the singer ended up as part of a witness protection program as a DEA agent. A secret medical investigation, the absence of a photograph of the body, a change in the middle name on the grave ... But those who attended the funeral, as well as his girlfriend Ginger Alden, who found the singer dead, swear in the reality of what happened. To debunk this myth completely, body exhumation and DNA tests must be done. In the meantime, fans can be content with the news that someone somewhere saw the "live" Elvis.

Presley sang the song "Only you". Surprisingly, many people, upon request, name or sing something from the singer's repertoire, call this very composition. In fact, the song is being performed by a black vocal group called The Platters. Elvis never made a studio recording of this composition, but he performed it at several concerts in 1955. And it is absolutely certain that there are no recordings of those performances left. The confusion has arisen in the compilation of collections by someone already in our country. Elvis is also mistakenly credited with such a hit as "Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison.

Elvis was hated by the Beatles. It is believed that Beatlemania overshadowed Presley, and all his achievements have faded into the background. Allegedly, Elvis, not anticipating anything bad, allowed the young British even to visit him in Graceland. What happened there remains a mystery, but after that the King openly advocated "the expulsion of these British from the country." In fact, both Elvis and The Beatles (especially Lennon) loved to perform each other's compositions at their concerts. And Presley succeeded in this endeavor more, having recorded several covers on the records.

Elvis' favorite dish was fried protein. For the past two years, Elvis has eaten meatloaf, mashed potatoes and tomatoes every day. And the singer's favorite sandwiches were bananas and peanut butter. So it is this kind of food that is more suitable for the title of very-very. But Presley grew up in a poor family in Mississippi, where fried proteins and possums were really delicacies.

Presley was Welsh. In 2008, in Cardiff, academician Terry Breverton discovered an undeniable fact, in his opinion. The surname Presley is consonant with the name of the local Preseli hills. In fact, the ancestor of the musician was the German Johannes Pressler, who emigrated to the States in 1710. But he still had Scottish roots.

Presley had a black belt in karate. While serving in the US Army in the United States, Presley was introduced to the martial arts. By 1960, the musician already had a black belt. And even on the set of G.I. Blues ”he demonstrated his skills to impress the crew. Presley wanted to show how skillfully he can break boards with one blow. Just something went wrong and my hand was swollen. So the demonstration of karate turned out to be an unnecessary headache for make-up artists.

Elvis became Priscilla's lover when she was only 14 years old. Elvis met Priscilla Boullier in 1959 in Germany at a party. She was only 14 years old, while he was already 24. Elvis drove his new girlfriend to his home, not far from the military base, in his car. And in March 1963, Priscilla was brought to the singer's estate; he did not stop communicating with her even after leaving Europe. The girl's parents allowed her to live with Presley, on the condition of daily attendance at a Catholic school. Elvis himself spent all the time in Hollywood, torn between filming and parties. And only at the end of 1966, the singer made an offer. Priscilla herself, in her biography, said that the couple began to sleep together only after the wedding in 1967. But the marriage quickly fell apart.

Elvis wanted to kill his wife's lover. Elvis wanted Priscilla to do karate with him. But she chose instructor Mike Stone, becoming to spend a lot of time with a handsome black man. Priscilla cheated on her husband by announcing her separation. The singer's bodyguards recall that Elvis was then very angry and decided to kill Mike Stone. For these purposes, Presley even decided to order a hitman. But the bodyguards decided not to rush to fulfill the owner's request. And the singer himself eventually calmed down, deciding that this crime was not worth such a heavy punishment.

Elvis had the first VCR in America. It's true, the singer has always been drawn to new technologies. When the Beatles visited his home in 1965, they were most impressed by the remote control. They had never seen anything like this. Presley was also one of the first private owners of a prototype VCR. It was a device that worked with the now extinct Betamax standard.

Elvis has never played outside of America because of his manager. Surprisingly, it's really a fact that Presley did not perform outside of America or Canada. Some blame the manager, Tom Parker. He was a Dutch immigrant who entered the country illegally. He could no longer leave America, risking not returning back. In fact, Elvis Presley just didn't like traveling very much. So, until 1972, he never performed in New York at all.

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