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In our country, flat feet have long been considered a frivolous disease that allows you to roll away from the army. Interestingly, the very concept is wrong - the leg can never become completely flat, as well as the arch of the foot disappear.

True flat feet is a rare congenital disease, often referred to simply as a leg with a low arch of the foot. Usually, people consider this foot shape to be just an annoying cosmetic effect, not taking it seriously.

However, in a neglected state, flat feet can turn into clubfoot and lameness, provoke other problems with the musculoskeletal system. It is no coincidence that such a disease has acquired many myths, which are worth talking about in more detail.

Flat feet only occur in children. There are congenital forms of flat feet, which were formed due to problems with human development in the womb. But most often, such a deviation is still acquired. And there are many reasons for the appearance of flat feet. The main ones are foot injuries, prolonged static stress on the legs, poor shoes and soles, excessive weight and weak foot muscles. Such features are acquired and can lead to flat feet in adulthood, and not just at a young age. A flat foot in a child may not generally speak of a disease, but be normal for this age and be associated with extensible ligaments and movable joints.

Flat feet are inherited. It is believed that parents with flat feet will inherit the deviation. This disease itself cannot be transmitted genetically, but the features of the structure of the connective tissue are completely. But the ligaments and tendons of the muscles of the foot, which support its arches, consist of it. In other words, there is initially no disease, it is just that the ligaments are slightly weaker than in other people. But this does not mean that flat feet will certainly come. With regular preventive foot exercises, wearing the right shoes and monitoring the condition of the feet and their health, flat feet can certainly be avoided.

Flat feet appear only in obese people. Excess weight is indeed a common cause of foot malformation. And this is not surprising, given the increased load on the legs, sometimes several times higher than the norm. But slender people are not immune from flat feet, because there are many other factors in the development of the disease. Often times, thin people start to abuse tight shoes and high heels. But such factors also entail flat feet.

Flat feet that develop during pregnancy will go away after childbirth. During the period of gestation, a woman's center of gravity changes. This is a serious factor in the development of flat feet. But after the weight returns to normal, the changes that have already occurred in the foot will not disappear by themselves. To return to the normal state of the ligamentous apparatus, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive treatment, as well as to engage in the prevention of possible complications.

There is nothing wrong with flat feet. In fact, flat feet are dangerous not only with the changed shape of the foot. First, the symptoms associated directly with the legs make themselves felt. They will hurt, feel fatigue, heaviness, swelling, and thumbs may be deformed. If flat feet are not detected in time and do not begin to fight with it, then the results will be varicose veins in the legs, different joints of the legs will begin to change, problems will appear in the spine until osteochondrosis appears in the lumbar region. A person may have back pain, legs, joints, swelling appear. Without proper attention, flat feet will progress, and in a neglected form, it will generally lead to serious changes in the quality of life and working capacity. In other words, flat feet should be considered as a serious disease not just of the foot, but of the entire musculoskeletal system. Hence, an appropriate attitude to the problem is needed, including timely and comprehensive treatment.

If problems appear above the foot, then flat feet have nothing to do with it. It has already been said that flat feet causes changes in the entire leg, affecting even the spine. So the appearance of a feeling of fatigue, pain, swelling, heaviness and numbness in the legs and back can spread from the foot. But such symptoms may well indicate other diseases. So, in the event of such problems, you need to contact doctors for research and diagnosis.

Flat feet do not allow sports. Flat feet are not always a verdict that interferes with playing sports. It is worth considering the stage of the disease, its manifestations and how pronounced the deformity of the foot is. In the initial stages of flat feet, physical activity is even beneficial, since it can strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the foot and allow you to stop the development of changes. In any case, the type of loads, as well as their volume, must be agreed with the doctor for each specific case. If flat feet are already in the later stages, then physical activity will have to be limited to strictly recommended exercises of physiotherapy exercises, and this will have to be done under the supervision of a doctor.

For the prevention of flat feet, you need to run more. Such a statement seems reasonable, because running will be a good workout for the muscles of the feet and the entire leg. But for the effect to be, it is imperative to use the correct sports shoes with an instep support, shock-absorbing thick soles. At the same time, sneakers should not be tight, but still fit tightly. Choosing the wrong shoes when running on the arch of the foot will have an increased load, which can injure the foot.

To avoid flat feet, you must wear wide shoes. Shoes that are too tight really do not allow blood to circulate normally in the legs. But you should also choose wide shoes with caution. In it, the leg will be poorly fixed, it will dangle when walking. Such shoes will not perform their softening function and will lead to chafing of the feet. So you need to choose shoes strictly in size. That is why it is not recommended to save on children's shoes and buy them "for growth." Benefits to the wallet will result in leg health problems.

After 17 years, flat feet can be successfully treated. In this case, the stage of the disease must be taken into account. If flat feet have just begun to form, then complex conservative treatment can defeat the ailment and restore the function of the foot and its shape. But usually, at the age of 17, such measures are no longer relevant - after all, the foot is practically formed. In the most extreme cases, it is possible to perform an operation on the foot, but even here there are no guarantees for the result. It is only about eliminating symptoms, while the cause of the onset of the disease is not eliminated. So the timely diagnosis of flat feet and its prevention already in childhood is really important - it will be difficult to treat at age.

With flat feet, the foot is flat. In fact, the foot really looks flat only in 5-8% of all people. The rest have a graceful, tall and tall "arch". Only from the point of view of the load on the foot, this makes no sense. With this design, the forefoot and heel are overstressed, which is the reason for the transverse flat feet. Its symptoms are deformed fingers, bones, corns. The foot, for any flat feet, loses its most important function - it ceases to amortize.

Roller skates can cause flat feet. As soon as this new hobby appeared, he was immediately suspected of causing injury to the foot. But flat feet or a tendency to it are usually congenital, rollers have nothing to do with it. And those children who already have such a disease can roller-skate. However, it is best to consult a podiatrist before purchasing skates.

Flat feet can be corrected with stiff shoes or orthopedic inserts. Earlier it was really believed that the foot needed support, and the arch would sag if nothing was placed under it. Now this opinion is recognized as erroneous. In fact, hard shoes also contribute to the development of flat feet. It limits the movement of the foot and weakens it. As a result, the dynamic component of maintaining the arch in the flattened foot disappears.

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